100% MTN Data Bonus IMEIs Regenerated

100% MTN Data Bonus IMEIs Regenerated

For those who have been finding it hard to generate IMEI for the 100% MTN data bonus,today’s post is going to solve that.

100% MTN Data Bonus IMEIs Regenerated

100% MTN double data bonus regenerated IMEIs











Just tweak any one and then wait for your activation message, then migrate to mtn pulse by dialling *406#.

And immediately you can then buy a data plan and it will get doubled immediately.

Mtn data bonus can be purchased by dialling *131*1# and see how it will be doubled below;

Daily plans

1. 30MB for N100 – Will be doubled to 60MB
2. 100MB for N200 – Will be doubled to 200MB

Weekly plan

1. 750MB for N500 – Will be doubled to 1.5GB

Monthly plans

1. 1.5GB for N1000 – Will be doubled to 3GB
2. 3.5GB for N2000 – Will be doubled to 7GB

And so on.

The basic concept is that whatever amount of data you buy, you get double of it.

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Note: Mtn double data is like a Normal data which works on all applications and on Desktop/PC.

You can always check your data by dialling *131*4# or *559*17#.

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