Google finally launches their own amazing messaging app Google Allo

Google finally launches their own amazing messaging app Google Allo

The long awaited Google allo messenger app has finally been launched and I must confess it was worth the wait.

While other bug players like Facebook are busy integrating bots of all kinds into the Facebook messenger.

Google went ahead to build a messaging app based on one of the most useful bots of all time Google search bots,

Google finally launches their own amazing messaging app Google Allo

See the sister app,

Check out the sister app of Google allo , the best video caller app ever Google duo plus how to download and set it up

Not too long ago the sister app GOOGLE DUO was launched, Google duo is Google’s very own video calling app.

Featuring a user friendly and easy to use interface you will definitely love the app.

Both the GOOGLE DUO and GOOGLE ALLO, function based on your phone number unlike other Google apps based on your gmail account.

Duo is a dedicated video calling app; while Allo is a dedicated Instant Messaging app comparable to the likes of WhatsApp and iMessage

4 best features of Allo

1. The @google Asistant

Google’s virtual assistant can pull information from the internet, embed YouTube videos within a chat and provide up-to-the-minute information.

Google’s Assistant can offer flight information as well as nearby restaurants, hotels and other businesses.

You can ask @google private questions in the virtual assistant’s dedicated channel, such as “What are the headlines right now?” and “What’s the weather for today like?” @google can provide the news, weather, games and translations.

Or you can call on the Assistant within messages to your friends.

For example, you can say “@google What restaurants are near us?” or “@google can you play us Bon Iver’s latest YouTube video?”

Allo integrates with Google’s YouTube, Maps and Translate among other services.

Built with machine learning, @google is designed to get better with time.

Google says the Assistant that is now available in Allo is a “preview” of an advanced AI virtual assistant that can answer your questions and provide
information within messages.

2. Automatic responses

The app can suggest automatic replies to save users time when they’re on the move.

The following conversation was written entirely with Google’s suggested messages.

Google’s suggested responses are intially bland.

While the suggested messages may appear initially bland, the software that powers them contains machine learning that should pick up each users’ idioms the more you provide it with information.

“Whether you’re a ‘haha’ or ‘lol’ kid of person, Smart Reply will improve over time and adjust to your style of conversation,” said Google.

3. Image recognition

Allo also draws on Google’s image recognition software for Smart Reply, meaning that it can spot the difference between a cat or baby and suggest responses such as “aww cute baby”.

The app has picture recognition built into it that informs its replies.

Google finally launches their own amazing messaging app Google Allo

4. Image illustration and different sized messages

Google’s Allo also contains some of the playful features of Apple’s new iMessage and Facebook’s Messenger.

such as the ability to scribble on pictures, send larger and smaller versions of text messages, and custom-designed stickers.

Send large and small messages in Allo by holding the send button and dragging upwards or downwards respectively.

Google finally launches their own amazing messaging app Google Allo

Google Allo carries a number of like-minded features which includes
Group chatting,

 Stickers packs
 Option to let messages expire.
 Dedicated Assistant akin to Google Now, which can readily answer your questions and queries with the ‘@Google’ command.
 Where to Download it?

* For Android users, download Google Allohere

* For iOS users, download Google Allo here

Note, it is still rolling out to countries gradually…

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