Greenify App Reduces The Rate of Data Usage

Greenify App Reduces The Rate of Data Usage

Greenify is an android app that is built to reduce overheating, hanging, lagging and many other RAM problems on android.

This app can make your device work smoothly even with a low RAM(A low RAM phone can work smoothly if this app is used on it).

Greenify works on both rooted and non rooted android devices, makes you select the applications to Hibernate.

Also it brings apps that may slow down your phone so that you will know the apps draining your phones memory and battery.

Greenify also have pro version which enable user to be able to Hibernate System applications.

Greenify can Make your phone Play Many high graphics games without lagging.

And also reduce the rate of Data Usage by some Apps.

Greenify App Reduces The Rate of Data Usage

How to use Greenify Android app

* Download the appGreenify.apk from playstore or patched pro version from this link. And Install it.

* Click on the 3 dots at the right top and select settings.

* Then click on “Working Mode”. And select the “Root” if your phone is rooted and “none Root” if ur phone is not rooted.

* Then go back and click on the “+” icon to take you to where to add apps (you can also use the “zzz” at the 1st time.

* Select the apps you want to Greenify and click on the ✅” Mark” icon at the right foot of the menu.

(for non rooted devices.. The phone will be directed to app info to automatically force stop the apps you select.

While rooted will just automatically Greenify them.)

To root your phone, Click on this Link

Greenify App Reduces The Rate of Data Usage

To Make System Apps Visible on Pro Version

Click on the 3 dots at the right top and select settings.

Then scroll down and thick “Greenify System Apps”.

After clicking on the “+” icon, You will see running system apps.
And you will be able to Hibernate them.

* You can also create Hibernate Now short cut to ur phone Desktop.

You will find that in the 3dot Menu.
That’s all you need
Download Greenify.apk from playstore
Download donated version or pro version

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