How to tweak imei of any MTK devices

How to tweak imei of any MTK devices

Hi readers today we bring to you a tutorial on how to tweak or change the imei of an MTK phone in particular examples of such phones are tecno, infinix etc.


IMEI means International Mobile-Station Equipment Identity.

Every mobile phone and modem have a unique 15-digit Imei Number, It’s just like finger prints of a phone.

No two phones have the same Imei Number, but phones of the same brand usually having the same starting sequence.

E.g – All Infinix hot note imei start with 358429063 that is what I call the identification number.

So when you change your imei number to something like “3584290630360721” and send a command.

The telecom company thinks your phone is the infinix hot note meanwhile it isn’t.

Now I believe you understand how Imei works, So let’s head on to the process of changing your imei number.

Changing Imei Number

We need to install these two apps below

Download Imei Analyser Imei analyzer apk

Download MTK Engineering mode apk

First we start with the imei analyser.

The imei is a very delicate number so you can’t just randomly generate numbers and tweak them you have to first analyse it.

A possible way to do that; Let me use the infinix hot note as an example again.

First we get the identifying number of the phone we want to change to. “358429063” the first nine digits of an imei number are the legit numbers the rest can be tweaked but do not change the first nine digits.

After getting the first nine, you randomly add any 5 numbers.

So we have 14 digits now. “35842906312345” remaining one more number.

This last number is called the “check digit” so it cannot be randomly added.
If you do, you’ll end up having a bogus imei number that doesn’t work.

This is where the Imei Analyser comes to play.

Now open your Imei Analyser and input the 14 numbers we have gotten into the box provided.

And click analyse.
It will analyze it and give you the complete imei number including the check digit.

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