How To Wake A Totally Dead or Bricked MTK Android Smartphone… After Interrupting The Flashing Process

How To Wake A Totally Dead or Bricked MTK Android Smartphone… After Interrupting The Flashing Process

No matter how you carefully handle your Android device, when the time comes for it to misbehave, it will definitely misbehave without your permission.

But keep in mind that there are all manner of fixes for various Android misbehavior’s.

This time around, this tutorial is to help those whose device fails to come up again after interrupting the flashing process while using SP Flashtool..

One thing you ought to think about SP flash tool is that once you interrupt the flashing or read back process, either by accidentally touching the USB link or something else, the phone will go off and won’t come on again.

You may get the “USB device not recognized” error on further flashing attempts.

Coming about into an absolutely dead telephone.

so, endeavor unbricking/fixing their bricked MTK telephones using either the wrong strategy or wrong OS files.

Therefore, their gadgets deteriorate. The telephones go into a more elevated amount of unbricking whereby, they don’t boot or charge any more, simply say dead phone.

Notwithstanding squeezing the power button would have no impact in such a situation.

What has happened is known as a corrupted or missing Preloader (preloader.bin).

How To Wake A Totally Dead or Bricked MTK Android Smartphone

We wont go into insights about the function of the Preloader except for one – which you must’ve made sense of at this point
– is that it makes your MTK telephone boot.

To settle the issue of a Corrupted/missing Preloader,

you’ll require the following:

* Download SP Flash Tool
* PC
* USB Cord
* If you have access to a working phone of the same model then make an MTK backup which should contain Preloader.bin and all other files you’ll need
* If you don’t have access to a working phone of the same model then download an MTK backup for your phone model
* If the MTK backup doesn’t contain preloader.bin then download preloader.bin for your phone model

( Preloader.bin ) for Tecno phones only.

How to Fix a Totally deadly Android Phone Like Tecno, Infinix Gionee or Any Other in MTK Family

* Using SP Flash Tool, flash the preloader.bin first (see SP Flash device guide @ ).

* If flashing was successful then your telephone ought to in any event have the capacity to vibrate when you press the power button or boot if the right files are available on your telephone.

Else, flash other important files to make the telephone boot up and begin working regularly once more.

* Connect the dead phone to a computer (via a USB cord) or power source and leave it to charge for some time.

It could take up to two hours or more but once the phone is revived, your battery could read as low as 1% .

* Just leave it to keep charging before powering it up.

* Then Remove the battery of the phone

* After that connect the phone to a charger without battery inside

* Slot in the battery while the phone is still connected to the charger

Then finally power it on normally, you can now begin using your device once again.

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