Most Working Solution To Your Andriod Devices If It Gets Hot Or Overheats While Charging

Most Working Solution To Your Andriod Devices If It Gets Hot Or Overheats While Charging

Finding Out If It Is The Phone Or The Battery That Is Overheating?

Most Working Solution To Your Andriod Devices If It Gets Hot Or Overheats While Charging

It is important to identify the root of the problem so that you can solve it correctly.

Generally, if the battery is overheating, then the back of your phone will be hot.

Power off your phone and take out the battery and check if it is the battery that is heated.

Touch the phone after taking out the battery to check if the phone is hotter or the battery is.

You may find your answer here. Many Samsung Galaxy S2 users had noticed Samsung Galaxy S2 battery overheating problem,.

But it is always important to find out where the true problem lies before trying to fix it.

But if you are not able to figure what is right then you can check details of the battery by using a star code.

To use the star codes, open your phone’s keypad and dial *#*#4636#*#*.

All phones do not support this option so you may either get no results or you may see a new screen from where you can select Battery Information.

If the star code works on your phone then tap on Battery Information and check the details.

Two things that will help you identify if your battery is to blame is – Battery Health and Battery Temperature.

If the battery temperature is between 30 to 40 degrees then you can consider it normal depending on your phone usage, but if it is more than that then you know that the battery is the problem.

At the same time, if your battery health says good then you do not have to worry.

If the star codes do not work, you can use an app to identify the problem.

My Battery Status app is a helpful app to check if the battery is causing the problem.

It does not display as many details as the star code, but it will tell you the battery health and the temperature which will help you identify the problem.

If the battery is fine, then you can conclude that it is not the battery but the phone that is overheating.

You can get battery temperature app from your appstore to know what your phone current temperature.

You can download battery health for Ios Users Here

And download ampere for Android Users Here

What To Do If your Phone Gets Hot While Charging?

Most Working Solution To Your Andriod Devices If It Gets Hot Or Overheats While Charging

The temperature of the phone usually tends to rise while charging.

It is considered normal for users to notice a slight change in the phone temperature.

However, if you notice an unusually steep change in the temperature of your phone then disconnect the charger and power off your phone.

Allow it to cool down before you restart your phone.

There is a chance that this problem is related to a defective battery or a defective charger.

Check if the part of the phone that gets extremely hot is the section where the phone’s charger connects to the phone.

If this is the case then the problem may lie in the physical wiring of the phone or you may not be using the original charger.

When the Samsung Galaxy S2 was launched, I used one of those only to find some Samsung Galaxy S2 charging problems overheating the phone.

I realized that I was using an old charger at home while I kept the original one at my workplace to charge it if the battery dies while I was at work.

I realized that the old charger was the problem.

Change the charger and check if the phone overheats even after changing the charger.

If it does, then take the phone to the repair shop so the staff can check the wiring of the phone.

The phone’s wiring may have been damaged in the process of charging.

If your phone is under warranty then consider taking it to the manufacturer to check if the phone can be repaired or replaced.

Overheating is a common Android problem and until the time it does not happen excessively, for many phones overheating can be resolved with some simple precautionary steps that we have mentioned in the article.

Since we have come across batteries blowing up because of overheating problems, we know that overheating can be fatal for your phone.

So if you have a phone that overheats, make sure the first step you take when it is too hot is to switch it off.

You can carry out the solutions after the phone cools down because a hot phone will be difficult to operate and it can increase the problems on your phone.

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