The Best Emoji Keyboard On Android devices

The Best Emoji Keyboard On Android devices

Texting and mesasging has become an integral part of all of us smartphone users, maybe because it has become more efficient than making phone calls.

These texting and messaging are done through various apps including WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger and maybe our stock messaging apps.

Spicing up our messaging and texting has become something we’re so interested in that we go looking for emojis and GIFs to use in our texts and messages. For this I’ve compiled a list of top android emoji and GIF keyboard apps to download.

Your texting just got spiced up and interesting after reading this.

In This list of Top Emoji And GIFs Keyboard Apps For Android is contained the best app in the category I hand picked for my special readers.

Of course the Top Emoji And GIFs Keyboard Apps For Android are all free for downloads.

Let’s get straight to the Top Emoji And GIFs Keyboard Apps For Android.

Top Emoji And GIFs Keyboard Apps For Android To Download.

CopyPasta Emoticon Keyboard

The Best Emoji Keyboard On Android devices

CopyPasta is a free emoticon keyboard with a huge collectiomng of text based emoticions.

While these rtext based emoticons are not as fanciful as emojis and GIFs they’re still cool till date and still in wide use, they were texting standards before the popularity of emojis and GIFs.

The smooth part is they don’t require graphics at all since it’s all text based, text base means the emoticons are created with/from the special characters and alpha-numerals on our keyboards.

While it’s relatively difficult to create from scratch these emoticons, CopyPasta has made so easy tnhat all you do is download CopyPasta apk, install, launch and copy n paste (hence CopyPasta) the emoticon of your choice and use for texting.

Download CopyPasta Apk

Tenor GIF Keyboard

The Best Emoji Keyboard On Android devices

As we’ve always known GIF are becoming so popiular that hardly do we visit more than 3 different webpages with seeing being used and sometimes the opportunity to use one comes but we somehow are unable to get the perfect GIF for that perfect situation.

Tenor GIF Keyboard is here to fix all that. Get along with the rest and become a GIF king with Tenor GIF Keyboard.

Tenor GIF Keyboard is the best GIF keyboard and search engine, best part is Tenor GIF keyboard is fast and has a huge collections of GIFs for almost all and any reaction.

Download Tenor GIF Keyboard Apk

Kika Keyboard

The Best Emoji Keyboard On Android devices

Kika Keyboard is more like an all in one emoji/GIF/emoticon keyboard.

Unlike the rest of the emoji/GIF/emoticon keynboards I mentioned above, Kika is the first to include the regular alphabet keyboard.

You can use Kika keyboard for your conventional texting and also for emoji/GIF/emoticon texting, which still awesome.

While Kika may not boast of all the features possessed by other keyboards above, it’s a straight to the point emoji/emoticon/GIF keyboard that doesn’t slow down your android smartphone.

Download KIka Keyboard Apk

That’s all with my list of Top Emoji And GIFs Keyboard Apps For Android.

Download any or all and use as your favorite emoji, GIF or emoticon keyboard.

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