The World First Largest SD Card – SanDisk 1TB SD Card Unveiled

World First Largest SD Card – SanDisk 1TB SD Card Unveiled

The SanDisk 1TB SD Card is however still a prototype, but the company is very optimistic about its release, you may want to note that its 512GB SD was sold for about $800 when it was first launched, but later came down to about $280


With this, you shouldn’t expect the 1TB SD Card to go any lesser than $1,000 when it is finally made available for sale, but the price might come down as time passes
You might be wondering why the need for this huge storage, well the 1TB SD Card is no doubt not for everyone, as a matter of fact not all smartphones can be supported, but if you happened to be a veteran photographer.
This might just be the perfect storage for your 4K or 8K video capture, not to forget that these types of video capture takes up large percentage of your storage device, thus the need for something as huge as a 1TB SD

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