Google Microsoft Facebook IBM And Amazon Partners On AI

Google Microsoft Facebook IBM And Amazon Partners On AI And Machine Learning

Tech giants Google, IBM, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon has – in what is a massive backing artificial intelligence (AI) research – announced a historic partnership on AI and machine learning.

Google Microsoft Facebook IBM And Amazon Partners On AI

These top 5 tech entities would jointly be working (researching) on and
discussing advancements in Artificial Intelligence and how to develop best products and services powered by machine learning.

While other stakeholders are expected to join the mix, initial financial backing will be made by these companies.

Quotes from Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder and head of applied AI at DeepMind (an Alphabet Inc subsidiary):

“We want to involve people impacted by AI as well,”

Reports has the organisational structure being designed to allow non-corporate groups to have equal leadership side-by-side with large tech companies.

With Francesca Rossi (AI ethics researcher at IBM Research) being quoted on TechCrunch:

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“The power of AI is in the enterprise sector.

For society at-large to get the benefits of AI, we first have to trust it,” .

Reinterating this, We also have quotes from Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella recent speech.

“AI-powered bots will become the next interface, shaping our interactions with the applications and devices we rely on and Microsoft’s latest solutions are set to change the way HP interacts with its customers and partners”,

AI-powered chatbots will – according to Nadella – “fundamentally revolutionise how computing is experienced by everybody.”

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