How To Get 26 Hrs Battery Time On Your Device

How To Get 26 Hrs Battery Time On Your Device

A friend of mine use an Itel device which comes with a 2100 mah battery and its low battery capacity has always been a torn in in his flesh since he bought the device.

He could barely go beyond 8hrs on continuous usage, so I started the quest of finding any solution for my friend whether temporarily or permanently so I stumbled on the following apps…

Es File Explorer
Xposed installer
Power Nap

Before you could use any of these apps you had to get rooted and to achieved that you need kingroot.

Es File explorer:
What this app helped to do was to temporarily delete the batterystats.bin file so as to fix irregular battery percentage or stats

xposed installer:
This app is needed before power nap and doze can work.

Its a framework which needs root to work.

Power Nap:
This app is similar to xperia stamina mode, it helped to detect wakelocks apps when on standby and block it in its extreme mode and disable all data eg WiFi, Bluetooth etc

in its Low power mode and I must confess this app the bomb!….

ever since he installed it, he noticed improved battery life….

he lost at least 1% per 10 mins on 3g, and that means he would lose 6% per hour on 3g which was better than those first few weeks he bought the phone where on 3g he could loose about 15% per 25 mins on 3g which was frustrating

What this app does is to minimize the battery drain when ever my data was on eg when browsing whether on 3g or edge..

Hope y’all can find this helpful

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