How To Make Your Android Battery Last Longer For 2-3 Days

How To Make Your Android Battery Last Longer For 2-3 Days.


Have you been suffering from the problem of low battery everyday especially for the likes of htc battery , samsung battery , tecno battery etc, then there is a simple trick in which you can make your battery last you last more than 2-3 days using some mighty softwares which all you need do is to have them on your phone and see how your phones battery will last you longer.

what you dont know is that all android battery can usually last you more than 2-3 days with this simple but mighty software. all you need to do is to have them on your phone and see how your phone android battery last you longer.


just follow this simple rules and know how to make android battery last longer to enjoy your android phone.

Download links

Greenify apk
Root firewall apk (paid version free)

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step one : download greenify android
step two : install and launch it.
step three : download root firewall
step four : install and run it.

Rule 1 . Now all you need is to greenify all application on your phone. this will hibernate all the application you greenified, what this means is that the application will not work until you wake it up by opening it again.

Rules 2 . run the root firewall, and mark all the apps on your phone, except the one you are using, please dont mark them. what this firewall do is to block the internet access on the apps you marked, by so doing, not only do you safe battery you also save your android data.

Your phone must be rooted

NOTE : The above method is use to save battery juice and also to save your data.

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