MTN 4G LTE Services: Activation Process And Speed Test.

MTN 4G LTE Services Activation Process And Speed Test!!!

MTN 4G LTE Services Activation Process And Speed Test

While the 4G fever is currently taking over the country (NGR), with telecom companies as well as OEMs rolling out their 4G services and 4G enabled smartphone devices respectively.

The much anticipated MTN 4G LTE has finally been rolled out and made accessible to
everybody (with a Visafone/MTN SIM and a 4G LTE enabled smartphone).

The speed on offer is quite cool too as shown by some users in the speed test image below:

MTN 4G LTE Services Activation Process And Speed Test

To enjoy MTN 4G LTE, MTN users would need to swap thier regular SIM card for a compatible 4G SIM card at any of the MTN offices close to their residence.

To confirm your smartphone and SIM card eligibility to MTN 4G LTE (which currently runs on Band 7 (2600mHz), simply:

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° sms “4G” without the quotes to 131

You will recieve the following messages:

MTN 4G LTE Services Activation Process And Speed Test

Upon recieving the above messages which confirms your device’s eigibility, simply walk into any MTN care centers and do a SIM swap to a 4G enabled SIM

Viola!!! You are done!

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