Wow! Facebook Hits Over 4 Million Active Businesses Advertisers On Their Platform Worldwide!

Interesting fact Facebook Hits Over 4 Million Active Businesses Advertisers On Their Platform Worldwide!

When talk about business, most of us know that “advertising” is key.

Over the years, social networking site Facebook has accumulated a load of advertisers (not surprising) and Facebook has in an official press release to buttress the stats supporting their large advertiser base supposition.



“Facebook has released a statement to announce that 4 million businesses actively advertise on the platform with 70 per cent outside the United States.”

This data shows that the fastest growing region is South East Asia with the following countries: Vietnam, Indonesia, Greece, Ukraine and Philippines.

The top five countries base on yearly growth are: U.S Brazil, Vietnam, Mexico an the United Kingdom. Over 8 per cent of business Page use mobile and 40 per cen of active advertisers hav created a Facebook ad o mobile.

Findings have also show that more than 30 per cen small and medium size business pages on Faceboo are women owned.

Facebook’s simplest tool have helped convert thes businesses to advertise. Tw top examples are booste posts or promoted pages.

More than 20 per cent o active advertisers create video ads in August.

Any business can us Facebook, because it is eas to use.

In a new mobile economy Facebook helps smal businesses become large an local businesses become global”

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More than 60 million businesses has create Facebook pages which represent a 33 increment from September’s figure.

Twitter most definitely needs to apply for some tutorials from Facebook to learn how its done!

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