Prisma Update Adds Facebook Live Editing Support For iOS

Prisma Update Adds Facebook Live Editing Support For iOS

Prisma, one of the best photo editing app, Prisma rolled out an update to app (Prisma iOS version) to support filters on live streaming to Facebook.

With this new update, Prisma users have to be logged in to Facebook right on the app to make use of this added features.


Facebook has earlier (last month) demostrated a Prisma type style transfer on live video but there was a challenge of lightweight AI (artificial intelligence).

Integration capable of running under the constraints of a mobile device (battery usage and processing capabilities inclusive).

However, with the new update, progress has been made in those aspect barring the fact that the live video feature is only available on the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7 due to the processing intensive nature of redrawing a video frame by frame in the styles of famous artists in real time.

While this update only favours selected iOS devices (iPhone 6s and 7), Prisma developers plan on introducing the features to Android smartphone.

The features would however only be available on the high end android devices having ample processing capabilities.

Said incoming Prisma features (according to reports on TechCrunch) includes GIF support, support for more aspect ratios as well as more social features.

There are 8 Facebook live Prisma style art filters (according to reports on VentureBeat) i.e The Scream, Tokyo, Gothic, and Illegal Beauty.

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