LEAK: Checkout Samsung Galaxy X1 First Folding Smartphone!!!

LEAK: Checkout Samsung Galaxy X1 First Folding Smartphone

Samsung is set to break barriers this year after last year ended in an “explosively” disappointing fashion.

Leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S8 (on Weibo) was not met with the usual enthusiasm expected of Samsung fanboys but this new leak is set to blow minds away!

The new leaked device is the Samsung Galaxy X1 and it is set to be Samsung’s first foldable smartphone!

The Samsung Galaxy X1 had first surfaced on Android Soul and has now also made an appearance on Weibo.
With its official launch expected to happen in the 2nd half of the year (3rd or 4th quarter of 2017).


As with the trending tradition of the latest Samsung Galaxy devices, the X1 would come in two models i.e.

The Samsung Galaxy X1 and a bigger Samsung Galaxy X1 Plus.


Samsung Galaxy X1 has been given the model number SM-X9000 while the X1 Plus gets tagged as the SM-X9050.


Rumors of Samsung making a folding smartphone has been making the news since way back in 2014.

With its codename being “Project Valley”.

The rumoured device is said to pack in the latest hardware along with a 4K display as well as featuring multiple form factors.

The device is also rumored to feature a number of biometric authentication systems which includes a fingerprint reader, face reader and a palm reader.

What do you think? We should wait and see.

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