Whatsapp Introduce Cool -Message-Retract- Feature

Whatsapp Introduce Cool -Message-Retract- Feature

WhatsApp messaging app’s move to be and remain the undisputed best instant messaging app around, it has taken another awesome turn with the platform developers not resting on their laurels.

Having recently launched new cool features such as the Whatsapp video call features and the video preview feature,

Whatsapp are working on rolling out a new awesome update to the instant messaging platform.


This new feature which BBM users would find familiar is the “Whatsapp message retraction feature”.

With this new feature, Whatsapp users can ‘revoke’ a sent message, edit it and send it again.


This new feature is reported to have appeared on WhatsApp beta version (iOS).

And the revoke feature sees recalled messages also getting deleted from the recipients mobile too!

Now the fear of sending the wrong message to the wrong recipient would be eradicated,

with such messages being recalled and deleted from the recipient’s device.

Official rollout of this feature is expected by January 2017, we await it!

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