Google Bans 200+ Publishers Over Fake News Violation

Google Bans 200+ Publishers Over Fake News Violation

Google’s crack down on fake news has led to permanently ban over 200 publishers from its networks.

This is coming after an update to the AdSense network policies.

Google’s AdSense network serves up ads to users based on the profile the company’s algorithms have created of them.

These ads are sourced from a pool of
ads that are submitted to the network.


The search giant already has policies in place to detect and ban misleading content or claims.

A recent update to the policy added websites that impersonate as news sites to the list ,according to reports by Recode.

While some publishers were banned because of fraudulent and misleading ads, others were banned for impersonating the domains of legitimate news sites.

Some publishers were apparently using ‘.co’ domains to impersonate legitimate ‘.com’ domains.

For example, could be used for a fake news site while is the original one.

Other ad publishers, those specifically labelled ‘tabloidcloakers’, were also banned.

These sites apparently present ads that read like legitimate news headlines, but when clicked, open up an ad on your screen.

According to stats dug up by Recode, Google has taken down a total of 1.7 billion ads last year.

This is a billion more than it did the previous year.

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