OFFICIAL: Checkout Blackberry Mercury Smartphone Images

OFFICIAL: Checkout Blackberry “Mercury” Smartphone Images

Blackberry has officially released the image for the coming Blackberry “Mercury” Android smartphone device at the CES2017 event.


Having already officially launched both the Blackbery DTEK50 and Blackberry DTEK60 Android smartphones in 2016.

The new “mercury” is set to be the newest smartphone to be launched by TLC(Blackberry).


Though Blackberry refused to talk specs, features and even the name of the smartphone, it is clearly the rumoured “Mercury” that made headlines in 2016.

The device from the images looks a lot like a Blackberry Priv as it features a hardware keyboard that has been slided and looks to be the same height as the DTEK60 and it features a USB-C port on the bottom centered between two speaker grilles.


The Mercury is going to be first BlackBerry to be running Android v7.0 Nougat but it does look quite similar to the usual Marshmallow OS running on the DTEKs.
With the inclusion of the messaging Hub, DTEK security suite and productivity-focused launcher tweaks.


The device is expected to be officially launched February ending or sometime in March, fingers remaincrossed for official specifications, features and price.

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