Tips To Identify Fake Android Apps

Tips To Identify Fake Android Apps And Protect Your Device From Attacks

A lot of people use smartphones to download all kinds of apps.

The shortcoming here is that you don’t know if these apps are original or not.

In fact, fake apps can make your phone vulnerable to hacking.

So, before you download the any app, here are tips that can help you identify fake apps.


You are encouraged to download the apps on the Google play store.


Research the developer

There are thousands of apps that are free to download.

Before you download the app, you should do a bit of research about the developer.

That means you should Google them. If there is nothing about them on the internet, you shouldn’t download it.

Check the number of downloads

The number of downloads can also help you in making the decision if you should install a particular app or not.

Original apps no matter how the level of popularity, may have been downloaded more than a million times.

If the number is in hundreds, don’t bother yourself.

Read reviews

Sometimes, apps may not have a million downloads but it is original.

To get more clarity on this, you should read the reviews of others who have downloaded and used the apps.

You can install if there are more positive reviews.


Check user ratings

This is perhaps the simplest way to identify if an app is fake or not.

You just check the user ratings which is between 1 and 5.

The higher the ratings and the number of people who rate the app, the better the chances that the app is original.

Design and features

Some apps give themselves away by their design.

If you look closely at their designs and read the features, you may discover that it is cloned app or fake.

If you have any doubts, avoid the app or get more information about the app.

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