Google Pixel Having Microphones Issue

Google Pixel Faulty Microphones Issue

Google Pixel is getting a lot of attention and, a number of users have been reporting that they are experiencing severe problems with the microphones on both the Pixel and Pixel XL.

This is the latest in a number of audio issues to have come forth with the Pixel in recent months.

The main question now is what is Google going to do about it?

Google Pixel Faulty Microphones Issue

The Google Product Forum is the information hub for everything that has to do with the Google Pixel and Pixel XL,

In recent months some users have been reporting catastrophic issues with the microphones on both of Google’s flagship devices.

People posting on the forum have said that resorting to a factory reset doesn’t resolve this issue.

though the fault hasn’t affected the camera app.

Google Pixel microphone issue solution

Google has confirmed that this is a hardware issue, so software updates will do nothing to resolve this new microphone problem.


Google has said that they are now engaging in a more rigorous process during the general manufacturing process. And when certifying refurbished phones, in order to ensure they no longer have this defect.

Luckily, for those of you who have purchased a new Pixel or Pixel XL in the last month or so, your device shouldn’t be affected.

So If you are experiencing any issues, Google recommends you seek a replacement for the device or contact the retailer where you purchased it.

Google Pixel speaker sound quality issue

Some owners of the Google Pixel and Pixel have been experiencing issues with their device’s audio in the past few months.

In particular, the sound quality of the speakers is bad when the volume is set to its three highest levels, making a scratching, crackling sound.

The result is that in certain applications’ audio becomes unusable.

To see if your device is affected, turn your device up to its top three volume levels, and try playing music or other audio.

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