Finally Chris Brown Goes To Church

Finally Chris Brown Goes To Church

Everyday,as child of God struggle to find a sense of purpose. Most times when we look to other means of fulfillment and then we return feeling lonely and empty.

Chris Brown opened up on his Instagram about his first visit to church in the 15 years, and how it has changed the person that he is.

In the post, he highlights a number of problems in his life, and how he has been able to overcome them.

The singer wrote:

“I really wanna take this time to thank God for everything he as done for me over the years. The lessons and my personal mistakes I’ve experienced.

I’ve done a lot in this short time since I’ve been on this earth. I’m 26 but i feel 46 and I understand a lot more as a man and a father.

Before I left the states for this tour run, I was able to go to church. I haven’t been in church for the last 15 years.

It’s making me a better person and I appreciate all the fans across the world who love me for me.

I’m not perfect by any means and no one has to be. From Gangs to fights to beefs and anything else frowned upon I’ve been able to learn my own way and love myself and continue to spread positivity and SMILE.

I feel comfortable in my own skin because man cannot judge man. I want to continue my path to be a legend.

I want to always put a smile on the faces of people who think about giving up. Life isn’t about self all the time. Life is about “Love”.

I was able to be inspired by one of the greatest two human beings who ever lived. “Michael Jackson” and “2pac”
Understanding that religion and the color of skin doesn’t make you any different from the rest of us.

Your walk of life is yours and yours alone. Help one another and build life!

Just want to show my appreciation! Love yall!”

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