How Much Sleep Does The Body Need To Be Healthy.

How Much Sleep Does The Body Need To Be Healthy.

Nowadays life style, we are moving towards a point where we hardly spend healthy nightly hours in bed.

Our resting time to get the body to recharge is below average which is risky and could be one of the recipes for sudden breakdown.

The need to get started early on the day activities, beat traffic, attend meetings deprive us and even the children quality nightly hours.

We tend to deprive them of the necessary sleep hours needed by getting them prepared for schools earlier than normal so as to be able to get on our own journey for the day.

I know some friends who say they can work on four to six hours of rest every night, except exploration demonstrates that grown-ups who get less than seven hours of rest. whether for only one night or through the span of days, weeks, or months. have more trouble concentrating, low mental productivity and more temperament issues than individuals who have seven or more sleep hours.

The required amount of sleep needed varies for different age group.

Infants are expected a total of about 14-17 hours a day, both day naps and night sleep

Toddlers, expected hours between 12-14 hours of day naps and night sleep

Children of school age are expected to have a total of 9-10 hours of sleep

Adults expected hours of sleep ranges between 7-8 hours.

Note: that there are other factors that could determine what suitable hours of sleep are for an individual.

Such circumstances are, pregnancy, illness/medical condition aging etc.

What does sleeping do for our body?

Restore energy, vitality to the body

Provide the body with space and time needed to accommodate all the events of the day.

Though the hours of sleep we need daily varies with age and could also be an individual thing as no two people are the same.

The key is to get to know one’s body, how much time it takes to feel revived and energized for another day

Since lack of sleep or its adequacy can result in irritability, lack of concentration, low productivity, fatigue and depression,

It is then of paramount important that we value our sleeping time and ensure we get enough of it.

There is quite a debate on what makes a good sleeping hours but one thing I have deduced from all suggestions and recommendations is that none of them falls below 7 hours and anything more than 8 hours is resulting in excess.

Do you know while lack or inadequate sleep hours could cause tiredness so also is having too much hours of sleep could make one tired.


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