Shocking Things Guys Secretly Want

Shocking Things Guys Secretly Want

Here are Shocking Things Guys Secretly Want

1. To be kissed on the backdoor

Let’s use our imagination so we don’t have to explicitly say it. Licking of any kind feels good everywhere.


Guys want to cross everything off the list, if not out of pleasure, then out of morbid curiosity.

There’s no good way to ask your partner for that. They have to kind of be into it already.

If he does that to you, that’s a strong indicator that he wants you to do that for him, too.

2. To have s*x in a public place

Guys are not the only ones who get a thrill from a random, intense quickie.

There’s something very arousing about knowing that there is the possibility of having random s*x with your partner at any moment.

It’s exciting, and although it’s a bit risky, it’s worth jumping on your man when he’s least expecting it. He’ll never forget it.

3. To hook up with his girlfriend’s friends

No one is proud to admit this, but as a guy, some guy say that I almost always have some kind of attraction to at least one of my girlfriend’s friends.


It’s not just me, though, believe me. It’s a twisted urge that should never be acted upon, but it is definitely there.

4. To be teased

I’m not referring to leading men on through texting and never hanging out with them.

Men hate that. I’m talking about someone you’re already with, or at least whom you are sure about being intimate with.

Building up sexual tension by teasing your partner really works. Make him want you so badly that he can’t take it anymore.

5. To role play

This also may not come as a huge surprise, but guys get a kick out of it.

If you can’t stop laughing while trying it for the first time, try again later. The initial hilarity of it will subside.
Try something easy to get comfortable with the idea first.


6. To look through your phone

Guys love to look in to their girlfriend’s phone, some just want to look at their selfies, some will go for contacts and some text messages, while some will check everything..


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