Categories of Ladies Likely to become unfaithful wives

Categories of Ladies Likely to become unfaithful wives

The fact is that ladies are becoming more indiscriminate than men up to the extent that many of these so called ladies now compete and have multiple s*x partners as much as men.

The funny part is that, some of them take pride in being indiscriminate during the youthful days and when they eventually get married, they still still continue the same act.

Although, we all know that guys are not better in any way, but the rate at which female infidelity is now increasing dramatically,

“Recently came across an article that even advised that it’s imperatively obligatory for every man to carry out a DNA on every alleged child, in order to avoid fathering another man’s child(ren).”

While this sounds very ridiculous and may collapse a marriage, but i have to say that’s the height at which people no longer trust women.

Below are the categories of ladies likely to become unfaithful wives.

=> Deceitful Ladies

Another categories of ladies that will likely be indiscriminate after marriage are those that keep their past from their partner just to look decent.

These are people that lie that they were deflowered in 1985 and have been s*xually inactive since then.

Any relationship built on lies and deceit will end the same way.

Who have something up their sleeves but keep it secret in order to look decent are usually indiscriminate women.

=> Ladies Who Are Attracted To Flashy Things

Some ladies, Not all open their legs when being offered money except for materialistic ladies that can easily be bought or lured to bed with money and other ridiculous things.

If her hubby gets into financial problem and money no longer flows like before, she will likely follow anything on trousers just to keep up with her flamboyant lifestyle.

Ladies who are thrilled by flashy things are naturally born to be indiscriminate and not even marriage can change them.

Categories of Ladies Likely to become unfaithful wives

=> Ladies That Keeps irresponsible and Wayward Friends Even after Marriage

Women who keep irresponsible and wayward women as friends is likely to join in their acts.

Though, she might be a different person but never underrate the strength of pressure group.

When a woman has one or more friends who take pride in gold-digging and sleeping around for whatever reason, it’s just a matter of time before she starts manifesting that same habit.

=> Celebrity Expecially Female Celebrities

Recently the trend of broken marriages in Nollywood with Nigerian actresses has become a natural phenomenon and a recurring decimal, which if not checked, could mislead many young ladies of today.

Most times, some of us lay the blame for their failed marriages on the their husbands, unknown to us that many of these marriages hit the rock just because most of these actresses continue with their trashy lifestyle even after marriage.

Most female celebrities marriage crash because they fail to let go their previous indiscriminate lifestyle.

=> Feminists

In a recent article published to condemn female promiscuity, it was so shocking that many ladies supported the idea of sleeping around and that they will do the same thing when they get married.

Nigerian ladies definition of feminism is that they also to sleep around like some men do without getting castigated, under the guise of “after all, men also cheat too”; and that’s why we have high rate of divorce these days.

=> Fashion Freak Ladies

Any lady that is so much concerned about how she wants to be the central of attraction anywhere she goes, is s*xually vulnerable to any guy who gives her a servile display of exaggerated compliments or affection.

Most ladies that are fashion freaks are usually very indiscriminate even in relationship or marriage.

=> Ladies That Can Be Easily Deceived

No matter how good a guy can be in sweet-talking ladies to bed, I want us to know that there are still some strong willed ladies out there who cannot be tossed around with deceitful tongue or money.

Any lady that wants to live up to her friends expectations and lifestyle is not strong willed lady and can compromise her stand any time.

These are ladies that will dump their husbands for ridiculous reason, leaving their children behind.

=> I Love Party/Alcohol Freaks Ladies

Don’t be disappointed if the woman you married at the club house leaves you for a drunkard.

Some of these ladies are already used to smoking marijuana and will always do anything to satisfy their addiction.

Even after marriage, they can still keep up with their bad habits

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=> Ladies Whose Mothers Are Also Indiscriminate

One basic that distinguishes a virtuous woman from others is her upbringing.

Many parents, especially mothers, are not helping matters as they also live indiscriminate life by cheating on their husbands and will rub it to their daughter’s face,

which sometimes make these ladies emulate their mother’s lifestyle.

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