Signs That A Woman Is Interested

Signs That A Woman Is Interested

I’ve read the books that say “If a woman tilts her head to the side, licks her lips, fondles her hair and looks over her shoulder at you, there’s a 67% chance that she’s interested in you.”

Signs That A Woman Is Interested

Here’s what I’ve found:
The main sign signal that I look for now is “Is she acting friendly to me?” That’s it.

Now, of course some women are more forward than others, but overall, if a woman is acting friendly and keeping up an interesting conversation, you’re usually doing pretty well.


I have to stop and explain this.

Most men don’t realize that THEY NEED TO KEEP ADVANCING.

If your conversation is going well, ask for a phone number.

If you’re out for a walk and the conversation seems to be going
well, reach over and kiss her.

If you’re at your house watching a movie and you start kissing, take her hand and lead her to your bedroom… get the idea?
Keep advancing.

Women like this and expect it. If they’re not comfortable, they’ll tell you about it.

But don’t worry. Just keep going, and advance again at next opportunity.
Don’t push, advance.

More on this stuff:
Read ‘Body Language’ by Julius Fast,
Chapter 7… about Mike. I’ve read that chapter about 50 times.

You may not get it at first, but keep
reading it until you do.
The more you learn, the more you’ll get it.

Also, read ‘The Rules’… yea, the one for women. Do that stuff… it works… end all conversations first, etc.

And read ‘How to Make Love to a Woman’ by Morganstern. Good stuff in there too.

And learn how to be funny… do whatever you have to do.

It’s the magic ingredient to add to your cockyness that sets the mixture ablaze.

If you can learn how to talk to women in a way that stimulates their imagination, you can get them turned on over the phone.

I’m sure you can imagine the benefits of having this skill. If you don’t have any ideas about how to talk romantically, just read a couple of romance novels.

I know that they make no sense, but use the stuff anyway. It works!

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