Did you know you can change over your Airtime To Real Cash?

Did you know you can change over your Airtime To Real Cash?

Try not to be amazed, this should be possible effortlessly that is the reason we are here to see you through.

Changing over your Airtime to genuine cash is straightforward and simple all you simply need to do is take after the means am going to dip under fittingly.


Step by step instructions to Convert Airtime To Cash No Stress at all

1) visit www.zoranga.com And Register An Account with them.

This specific organization is a trusted organization when we discuss turning of Airtime into Cash.

They help in moving of Airtime into one’s Bank account to transform into money.

2) Choose Your Preferred Option In Your Dashboard – After you might have successfully register an account with them by signing up.

The first thing to do is to deposit to your zoranga account.

There are various ways to do this, it can be done by Mtn Share n sell, by entering an Airtime pin(mtn, glo, Etisalat and airtel), and it can also be done by using zora pin(using this zora pin doesn’t require any charges).

3). Make Your Account Updated And Create A Pin – Update and fill your date of birth, and other essential data about you, when you are finished with it, you should see the ‘update pin’ alternative and put in your 4 digits pin, you will have the capacity to recall.

This pin is crucial, so you need to save guard it, the pin is used when want to recover passwords and on the off chance that you need to transfer cash from your zoranga account to your bank, you will use the pin to check that it’s you.

4) Transfer Money To Your Bank Account – After Updating your profile and making your pin, you would now be able to transfer cash to your bank balance, tap on the “Transfer Money” Option and pick “deposit money to my own particular account” in the options,

Fill in the form and you have finished changing over your Airtime To Cash.

Note: When Signing up, kindly use the name you use to register for your bank account as your name.

Charges also applied.
Hope this is helpful? Kindly drop your comments below

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