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Advice / Career / 5 Benefits Tips For Employees by sherifastro : Today at 03:52 pm
Are you an employee? Have you been looking for an article to know about the employee benefits? If so, we suggest that you check out the tips given below. These tips will help you understand the subject better. Now let's kick in.

It's a good idea to create and maintain a copy of the claim form as well as attached receipts prior to sending them to a reputable insurance company for payment. Some people ignore this procedure, which causes a lot of problems for them down the road.

When making a call to the insurance company, make sure you note down the name of the representative who received your call. Aside from this, it's a good idea to record the time and date as well. Moreover, you may want to confirm everything. If you are not sure about something, you may want to ask questions to ensure that you have not noted down wrong details. This will save you from a lot of problems over the long haul.

If you incur heavy expenses, who do you think will pay for your dental or health benefits plan? Do you think your insurer will make payment for it? You may want to get the information in writing from your insurance provider. You may want to know what will be covered and what will not be covered, which will help you know what will be covered by the insurance. If you do this, you can get a pre-determination on your dental benefits. If you don't know, insurers do this for free of charge for claims that are over $300. So, getting a pre-determination won't cost you an arm and a leg.

If you are in doubt, we suggest that you check out your insurance booklet. You may want to ask for help if you have no idea what a certain term means. The booklet contains plenty of information that will be helpful for you. Equipped with this information, you will be able to make the right decisions as far as employee benefits are concerned.

Are you going to make a lifestyle change? Are you going to get married? Are you going to get a divorce? Are you going to have a new child? If so, you may want to keep in mind that your new lifestyle can have a great impact on your benefits on one way or the other. Therefore, it's important that you let the concerned person know the changes that you have made your mind to make. Moreover, you don't have to wait for 30 days before letting the concerned person know as it can result in serious complications.

So, if you have been searching for some tips on your employee benefits, we suggest that you check out the tips given in this article. If you still have some questions, we suggest that you turn to a good expert for answers. Just make sure you go to a reliable expert only. Hopefully, this article has helped you a lot.

Jobs / Vacancies / 11 Tips To Writing A Winning Proposal by sherifastro : Today at 01:42 pm

The benefits of winning an important contract can mean more than just additional income for your business. For starters, upon receiving notification that your business has been selected for the project, you can begin to market your achievement. Write an article about it. Publish articles at "IT publications" such as "federal computer week" and "federal computer news" and post on your company website.

1. Point out Requirements
Point out requirement abilities, contact them for clarification, do not put your proposal on hold waiting for a response, don't wait. Get started right away so that you have plenty of time to edit your proposal and deliver it on-time to the correct office.

2. What do they want?
Determine what they want and write to that. Read the project requirements and be sure that your proposal is written to meet the requirements.

3. How will you be evaluated?
Know how you will be evaluated and write to that.

4. Support your evaluation
This step is crucial. You will need to support your evaluation and back it up. Write to support your evaluation by providing clearly written and outlined steps. Remember, the person who is reading your proposal should have no questions after they have finished reviewing your proposal.

5. Keep in order
Keep them in the order that the business is requesting them. Do not let your proposal get disorganized. No matter the size or length of your proposal, it is imperative that it be organized correctly and formatted to meet the needs of the projects' requirements.

6. Create an outline
Create an outline with required information. Remember outlines in high school? This is where the skills you learned in your younger years will come in handy. An outline helps to keep the proposal formatted in a clear and precise way.

7. Review your proposal
Review, review, review.

8. First impressions matter
Proposal submission is your first impression.

9. Give yourself plenty of time
Provide sufficient time so you don't forget details.

10. Know the agency or business to whom you are writing the proposalKnow the agency issuing request for proposal, location, delivery standpoint location that can receive overnight deliveries, allow for more time in delivery of item.

11. Pay special attention to Quality Control
Quality control means that your proposal will be taken seriously. No one will pay attention to your proposal if it is not well written and formatted correctly.

× Follow required proposal format in the order they are required (should mirror order)
× Answer questions and information easily identified, bold it, put a heading on it
× Use a consistent writing style, makes it easier for them to review our proposal
× Provide best product first, provide current points of contact, use group e-mail boxes

Marketing steps for a winning proposal:

1. Research agency budgets and find agencies with large IT budgets, identify which agencies who have funding.

2. Review SBA small business goading scorecard. SBA grades each agency a grade and target those agencies that met or filled to met socio economic small business goals of the businesses or agencies that you have decided to target. Visit their small business utilization website first to obtain their small business procurement forecast. identify those agencies that have a forecast and need for your services.

3. Write articles or press releases about your achievements! Toot your own horn. If you do not, then no one else will. Marketing the fact that you have the winning proposal is almost as important as writing the proposal.

If you do not complete and submit your proposal on time, it will most likely be deleted from the company or agency system. So, be sure that your proposal is delivered on time!

Android Tips / Go Keyboard Is Now Dangerous To Your Android Phone by Ajet : Today at 09:30 am

Hundreds of thousands of Android phone owners globally are using popular GO Keyboard as their preferred typing or input app. But the GO Keyboard is now posing some serious threat to users as security researchers from Adguard have issued a warning that the popular Keyboard app is spying on users privacy.

So beware! Go keyboard developed by GOMO DEV Team is stealing your information including your email login details. Can you believe that? That's very dangerous you know?

This put over 200 million people who are using the app in risk as the app allegedly communicate with "dozens" of ad networks and third-party trackers. The two GO Keyboard apps in question are (GO Keyboard-Emoji keyboard, Swipe input, GIFs" and "GO Keyboard-Emoticon keyboard, Free Theme, GIF.";). When you install and use any of the above apps, they transmit private information about you. Meanwhile, the most confusing part is the app was voted as the best app of 2016 in 20 countries.

When installed in your Android device, the GO apps reportedly send to its server information like your Google email account associated with your Google Playstore, screen size, Android version, build and device model. Since the app records every letter you type on your phone, the server owner could start collecting whatever information he/she wants from GO Keyboard users.

Also, the apps interact with tracking networks and third-parties and execute code from a remote server.

Business / 9 Incredible Tips To Gain Focus On Your Business Or Brand by sherifastro : Today at 09:24 am
Focus is a very essential tool for any business to flourish. Gaining focus on your business will enable you to be maximally efficient. By concentrating on the most important things and avoiding distractions, you will increase your productivity and your work output will be of the highest quality, which is necessary for a successful business.

So how can you gain focus on you and your business?

1. Set out clear goals to help you align your focus. Think about what you would want to accomplish and layout a strategy on how to achieve them. Goals work as a road-map towards your larger aspirations. They should be realistic and timely. Goal setting will motivate you to put in the work you need to accomplish them.

2. Prioritize, have a clear picture of what needs your immediate attention, what you can put off for later what you can delegate or not do at all. This calls for planning ahead putting into consideration the deadlines and timings for particular tasks. This will help you to re-organize your mind and put you into focus.

3. Maintain a simple organized work space. Remove unnecessary junk and clutter form your working space. Have things in front of you that you need. You should get rid of photos, journals, magazines and receipts on your desk and shelves to create a less distracted work-space.

4. Turn off technology and focus on the task at hand. Flashing screens, new email notifications, vibrating cellphones is a constant source of distractions. Schedule the times outside of work when you will use your phone or tablet, and then put the technology away outside those times.

5. Focus on doing one thing at a time as opposed to multi-tasking. This way you will avoid taxing your brain by having it shift form one task to another which will lead to exhaustion and inefficiency. You are going to have to stop multitasking if you want to beat the competition and by increasing your focus you will get more done in less time. So avoid tackling two tasks simultaneously, it is better to get completely done with task A before switching to task B.

6. Block your time. This simply means dedicating a certain number of hours to a certain task blocking off your time from other tasks that demand your attention. This will help you focus on the task you are working on.

7. Automate some operational activities such as financial management. This reduces the amount of time needed to manage finances. The free-up time will in turn be re-directed to the core business be it customer service or sales.

8. Work on full screen mode when working from your computer. This helps you to stay focused on your task and eliminates distractions. By removing icons from other applications on your screen, you minimize the urge to click on them occasionally and this increases your focus and concentration.

9. Get enough rest try to get enough good quality sleep every once in a while. It will be easier for you to concentrate when you are well rested.

We can all agree that we get so much more done when we are focused. Try these tips and you will gain focus on your business.

Religion / The Human Body After Death by sherifastro : Yesterday at 07:05 pm

3rd Day After Death - Nails Start to fall off.

4th Day After Death - Hair Start to detach from skull.

5th Day After Death - Brain starts to melt as insects feed on.

6th Day after Death - Skin
starts to turn black and peel off.

7th Day After Death - Stomach melts out from mouth and private parts exhuming very strong odours to attract scavengers.

After 60 Days - Whole body reduced to nothing, but mere bones.


For WHAT??????? �‍♀�🏽‍♂
PLEASE Let's HUMBLE Ourselves.

Always remember that " this life is Vanity upon Vanity "

DO GOOD ALWAYS to others because it COST YOU NOTHING.

Gists / Re: If You Could Only Eat Once A Day, Would You Eat Breakfast Or Dinner? by sherifastro : Yesterday at 06:51 pm
sherifastro :If you could only eat once a day, would you eat breakfast or dinner?

As for me i think I will go with dinner. Its more or less like a fasting

Gists / If You Could Only Eat Once A Day, Would You Eat Breakfast Or Dinner? by sherifastro : Yesterday at 06:47 pm
If you could only eat once a day, would you eat breakfast or dinner?


Business / Things To Consider When Finding Business Partners by sherifastro : Yesterday at 06:27 pm
The right business partners are hard to come by. Some are motivated to get the job done, while others lack what it takes to take a company to the next level. Business partners are important because they can help you share the load of running a successful company. However, you must be careful when you are evaluating your potential business partners. Today, I have shared some things I feel that you should consider when picking out your business partners.

1. Trust

I put this first on the list for an important reason. Do you trust this person with your personal bank account?. If the answer is no, I would recommend that you think twice about getting into business with that person. As business partners, every dime you spend together affects your check book.

2. Friendship

If the person is your personal friend, make sure that their values, goals and responsibilities match yours. Do not assume that just because you are good friends, you share the same beliefs and values. I would recommend that you take a look into your friend's personal life to see how stable it is. Personal problems are difficult to deal with and it can complicate someone's professional life.

3. Money

Just like marriages, money is one of the biggest problems in a business relationship. To make sure that you and your business partner starts off on the right foot, I would recommend that you both agree on how much each of you will contribute to the funding of the company and how the profits will be distributed.

4. Responsibilities

All parties involved will have to agree up front on what their individual responsibilities are in the business. If a person keeps trying to do too much or ends up doing virtually nothing, the partnership will start to fall apart.

5. Varied strengths

Make sure that you and your partner share different strengths. If you have two people who are good at sales, who will contribute to the other aspects of the business?. You should bring someone who compliments your strengths in order to put some balance to the business.

6. Take your time

Never rush into a partnership with someone because you are tired of doing everything by yourself. Finding the right business partners take time.

7. Contracts

You will have to decide a formula to determine the worth of the business to your friend if they decide to leave. Try to keep everything contractual, so all parties know what they get at all times.

Business / 7 Tips To Choose An Automation Tool For Your Business Growth by sherifastro : Yesterday at 06:13 pm
Nowadays, businesses need automation tools to save time and money. As a matter of fact, automation tools bring a lot of efficiency and effectiveness. That is the reason, they are all the rage these days. Before you choose an automation tool for your business growth, make sure you consider a couple things. Given below are a few factors to consider when choosing a marketing automation tool. Read on to know more.

1. Ease Of Usage

Ease of usage and flexibility are the two factors that can affect the performance of the tool. Apart from this, since organizational needs continue to change with time, the tools they need should be user friendly and flexible.

2. Portability

The second most important factor that you should consider is portability of the tool. Actually, this is all about how and what you are going to do is the maker of the tool goes out of business. Apart from this, making sure that the tool is portable can make it easier for you to deal with cost reduction requirements, requirement changes and performance issues, just to name a few.

3. Reporting

Good businesses have goals that are measurable no matter what they do. The same applies to marketing whether it is a modern approach or native approach. If you look at the reporting feature of the automation tool, you will save you from a lot of troubles down the road.

4. Interoperability

Make sure the automation platform can be integrated with the other tools used in your organization.

5. Mobility

Nowadays, mobile phones are used for almost everything. When choosing an automation tool, make sure you consider the mobility factor as well. this will help you greatly in the long run.

6. Customization Or Adaptability

Automation tools that are sold online have standard features. And you need to customize these tools so that they can meet the needs of your organization. So, make sure that the provider is open and adaptable. Besides, the tool should be easy to customize. If the tool can't be customized, you will be unable to use it down the road. So, you may want to ask the provider of the tool if it can be customized.

7. Cost

There is no doubt that the tool should be reasonably priced. Often, people make their selection decision based on the cost or price alone, which is not a good idea. What you need to do is look at the RIO while choosing a tool. If you are looking for a basic tool with basic features, you won't have to pay a lot of money. But if you need one with a lot of advanced features, be ready to pay a bit more money. We suggest that you look at the needs of your business to choose a tool that can best meet your needs.

So, these are 7 factors that you may want to take into account when looking for a good marketing automation tool for the growth of your business or organization.

Sports / Surest Recovery Game Sat. 23/9/2017 by sherifastro : Yesterday at 10:52 am

6491 Alaves - Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo (REAL)
Score Goal Yes 1.40

9936 Girona - Barcelona
Lionel Messi (BAR)
Score Goal Yes 1.50

3535 Montpellier - PSG
Edinson Cavani (PSG)
Score Goal Yes 1.40

Odds = 2.94
Booking = 5JPCT8V

Gists / Very Soon., Nollywood Will Be Like'' by sherifastro : Yesterday at 10:34 am
Very Soon., Nollywood Will Be Like''

HeHeHeHe.!!!..E Don Happen!!..E Don Happen!!!
Python Dance 1&2..,!!!
Python Dance 1&2
My Broda.,my sister ..,dis ogbonge film go show u how them dey slaughter pipu like chicken bcus of biafra agitation
see how i.p.o.b dey carry bottle ..,stick.,and knife ..dey fight soldiers with ak.47..
python dance 1&2.,!!python dance 1&2....!
na ogbonge ogbonge actors na dem full the film
python dance..!
python dance..!
Aba is on fire
umuahia dey boil
owerri dey roast
southeast is on the run
python dance 1&2.!!!
starring ..!"
Nnamdi Kanu
Tukur Brutai
Okezie Ikpeazi
Patience Ozokwor
Jim Iyke
Ramsey Noah
Mercy Johnson
and many other ogbonge actors
Producer na A.P.C
Director na Muhammed Buhari
marketed and distributed nationwide by
St. Nicholas Movie...No.1 Upper Iweka.,onitsha....
Python Dance 1 & 2

Grab Ur Copy Now...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
*#please shift lemme faint#*

Business / Top Marketing Strategies To Boost Up Your Business Growth by sherifastro : on Fri at 07:55 pm
Growing a business isn't as simple as A, B, C. 1st of all, you need a good plan then from there you've got to discover a profitable niche, you cannot simply enter a business and say "yes, this business will to have large profit," outline a target demographic and have something valuable to sell them. without right promoting methods to spice up your business growth, your plan of getting smart and large profits is not possible.

A lot of your time and energy is required to develop and maintain a marketing campaign that reverberates together with your audiences. the event of a marketing campaign takes, even more, thought, besides, we are continually craving for ways in which to achieve the greatly vital competitive edge.

An effective marketing strategy can assist you to outline the general direction and goals for your marketing. The strategy ought to be persuasive once it involves delivering product or services in an exceedingly method which will satisfy the customers.

Once the client or the target market has been outlined, begin developing and implementing methods or ways in which to succeed in them. Here are some prime marketing methods to assist you maximize your business growth.

Social Media. you'll not be able to deny the very fact that social media is one among the simplest places to promote your product and services. that's where we tend to see all the "Magic" happens.

Most of the companies are designed entirely on the backs of social media. it's going to sound humorous however as you build momentum, you will find yourself enjoying, posting on social media, and for you, it's getting easier over the time. you may rent a social media manager however you, yourself may be a social media manager if you do not have the money or capital to use back up.

Be authentic, post what's on your mind, post your own product, post something that you will notice relevant and essential that would facilitate your audience to find out more concerning you and your service or business.

Have your allies. there's a lot of range of advantages to push a marketing campaign, for those newbies, if you collaborate with some other person, you deliver higher content. marketing partnerships are cheaper to form, you see success very quickly and will expound your brand to the new audience.

Videos are helpful. making videos relating to your product is one among the foremost effective ways in which to induce the word out on your business. Teach individuals one thing helpful like lifehacks and different tutorials that are relevant to the product or service you're selling. the higher you're at this, the more necessities you offer, the faster you'll be able to boost your visibility and sales.

Customer interaction. Customers need to move with the product you're marketing or a minimum of different customers. Customers are your best asset if they like your product they might conjointly influence different customers to buy your product.

Final thoughts, marketing strategy can assist you focus, it identifies the various ways in which you'll be able to discuss with your customers and focus on those which will produce most sales.

Lyrics / Lyrics: Burna Boy - Pree Me by sherifastro : on Fri at 05:56 pm
Song: Pree Me
Artist: Burna Boy
Type: Lyrics

Lately I’ve been on my toes
Enemies been on a mission
Fuck em, I’ma do the most
See them multiplying

[Verse 1]
So tell me what am I to do
When everybody hate on you
So how am I supposed to feel
When niggas try to scheme on me
Niggas never been real to me
These niggas just make believe
Last night I had a dream
Somebody gave me a time machine
Flew through the times back and forth
Still ain’t change nothing at all
Not even all of my bad luck
Not even all the times I broke the law

Lately I’ve been on my toes
Enemies been on a mission
Fuck em, I’ma do the most
See them multiplying

Dem ah pree me
See say dem pree me
Dem ah pree me
See say dem pree me

[Verse 2]
I got a lot of enemies
Some of them used to be my friends
But now they switched sides on me
I wonder why they all pretend
Even though it ain’t clear to me
What’s the gain in the end
Only one things clear to me
Me really can’t trust no friend
So you haffi watch your friend
Some of dem no really wan you reach nowhere
It’s the only the thing I cannot comprehend
There’s a lot going on up in my head
But I wouldn’t change anything
Not even all of my bad luck
Not even all the times I broke the Law

Lately I’ve been on my toes
Enemies been on a mission
Fuck em, I’ma do the most
See them multiplying

Dem ah pree me
See say dem pree me
Dem ah pree me
See say dem pree me

Lyrics / Lyrics: Keith Sweat - Nobody by sherifastro : on Fri at 05:53 pm
Song: Nobody
Artist: Keith Sweat
Type: Lyrics

[Verse 1: Keith Sweat]
I wanna tease you
I wanna please you
I wanna show you baby, that I need you
I want your body 'til the very last drop
I want you to holler when you want me to stop

[Chorus: Keith Sweat]
And who can love you like me? (Nobody)
Who can sex you like me? (Nobody)
Who can treat you like me, my baby? (Nobody)
Nobody, baby (Nobody)
And who can do it like me? (Nobody)
Who can give you what you need? (Nobody)
Who can do you all night long? (Nobody)
Nobody, baby (Nobody)

[Verse 2: Athena Cage]
I want the night for me and you
So come here, baby, and let me do it to you
Don't be afraid 'cause I won't bite
I promise to give it to you just the way you like

[Chorus: Athena Cage (Keith Sweat)]
And who can love you like me? (Nobody)
Who can sex you like me? (Nobody)
And who can lay your body down? (Nobody)
Nobody, baby (Nobody)
And who can treat you like me? (Nobody)
Who can give you what you need? (Nobody)
Who can do you all night long? (Nobody)
Nobody, baby (Nobody)
And the band keeps playin' on

[Refrain: Athena Cage and Keith Sweat]
On, on, on, and on, on
On, on, on, and on, on
On, on, on, and on, on
Nobody, baby
On, on, on, and on, on
On, on, on, and on, on
On, on, on, and on, on
Nobody, baby

[Bridge: Keith Sweat (Athena Cage)]
I want you right now for my lover (Oh yes I do)
Place no one above you (Oh yes I do)
If you need a love (Oh)
I'll be right there, I'll be right there, baby
I'll come runnin', oh baby (Oh yes I will)
Oh, yes, I will (Oh)
Oh, yes, I will, baby

[Outro: Keith Sweat (Athena Cage)]
And who can love you like me, baby? Nobody
(I'm gonna love you baby)
Who can sex your body right, baby? Nobody
(Like nobody can)
No, no no no no no (Nobody, baby)
Who can lay you down just like me? Nobody
Who can kiss you [?] (I'm gonna caress your body right)

Lyrics / Lyrics: Hendersin - In Love by sherifastro : on Fri at 05:46 pm
Song : In Love
Artist: Hendersin
Type: Lyrics

Sleepin' through the day
Wake up with champagne
Roll me an ay
I told my mother I would quit, what can I say?
I'm still breathing
Falling in love every evening
So we just gonna stay
Teenage dreamers born this way
I told my mother I'd grow up
What can I say? I'm still breathing
Falling in love every evening

[Verse 1]
God bless me
Even though I'm though I'm through sneezing
And we taking more shots, than flu season
Blow my smoke in the air like exhaust pipes
If you trying to copy my style you getting frostbite
Get it? 'Cause motherfucker I am cold
Lines might be hot but my bars had to scald
I wanted this ever since ten years old
Your panicking mannequin cause you don't fit the mold
And she was there when nobody took interest
So now I owe the girl the world plus interest
When I got them all speechless no breathing
And I'm shutting down shows, no season, uh
I can say it was worth it
Panoramic view of my life picture perfect
Fuck with the businesses
Cause the difference is
You may want this, but I deserve this

Sleepin' through the day
Wake up with champagne
Roll me an ay
I told my mother I would quit, what can I say?
I'm still breathing
Falling in love every evening
So we just gonna stay
Teenage dreamers born this way
I told my mother I'd grow up
What can I say? I'm still breathing
Falling in love every evening

[Verse 2]
Fans over friends, seems how it goes
Fans turn to friends, so it's like I never chose
Gotta expect some thorns when your tryna find a rose
Games ludacris so i throw them bones
Yeah, and im tryna make my own space
Fuck living with a fiend, ima get my own place
I'm so close that I just need to nudge it
Fame got a cost but I'm balling no budget
What if, I dont get back what I invested
Man I should of done what they suggested
Won't stop until you feel it
Its molested
No SAT for me, Ive already been tested
Ugh, and I know that I've, I've been far away
But I'ma pick up the phone like I've just called to say
That uh

Sleepin' through the day
Wake up with champagne
Roll me an ay
I told my mother I would quit, what can I say?
I'm still breathing
Falling in love every evening
So we just gonna stay
Teenage dreamers born this way
I told my mother I'd grow up
What can I say? I'm still breathing
Falling in love every evening

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